Life These Days…

Veronica at 7 months!

I suppose it’s time to address my feelings about my new hobby and how they relate to my life today…boyfriend, father, son, among many other distinctions.

I’ve been rejuvenated by my new pursuit. Out skating with my friends, whether in the parking garage or anywhere else, feels appropriate at this time and place. My duties as a father always come first, but when I’m able to schedule some free time for myself, it seems to revolve around meeting up with Bill and the fellas to go to the garage.

There’s been many good by-products of my skating other than the obvious pleasure it brings me. Case in point…would anyone really think I’d even know what power-cleans are? Well not only do I know, but I directly relate their severity and frequency to the harder carving-faster skating I’m now able to do. I regularly find myself on the elliptical, swimming or doing some sort of sweat- inducing activity. I guess what I’m saying is that my skating has lead me to strive to be a better person, physically and mentally than I felt like being beforehand.

Having a hobby makes everyone easier to tolerate. I firmly believe that many relationship problems, whether peer, parental or any other kind, can be prevented by both parties engaging in personally fulfilling pursuits. Whew, try saying that 5 times fast! People with hobbies get more out of life…I’m not afraid to say it. It’s redundant.

I do understand the thought that this is some sort of early-midlife-crisis. Possible…I did just turn 30. However, I think that this whole aspect of my life, and by that I mean longboarding, has been a long time coming. This may seem childish in many respects, but I haven’t felt so alive in a long time! I guess we all accept growing older differently. It’s a choice to become stagnant and out-of-touch. That’s not what life is about in the time we live in. Life’s about impact…whether to yourself or others. Do something that stands out from the crowd and screams everything that you are about! For some it’s shopping, golf, or many other activities that get our blood pumping and help us forget about our troubles. For me, right now-at this point in my life, it’s longboarding.


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