McNellie’s Public House

Mayor Cornett and friends opening McNellie's     

Mayor Cornett and friends opening McNellie’s

Before and after sessions, the crew and I have taken to a new Midtown OKC hotspot, McNellie’s. 

Imported from Tulsa, McNellie’s features many import and domestic beers.  I highly recommend Anchor Steam, however for in-depth beer descriptions visit

McNellie’s opens up as does any classy-yet-dressed-down pub, with a borderline-hippie host leading you into a cavernous, yet cozy three-story bar.  The scene is set with wall sized windows viewing the far west side of downtown OKC;  we can actually take a shot and visualize the next run at the parking garage.  The first and third floors are bars with a restaurant sandwiched on the second.  Upstairs is the smoking bar, downstairs non.  The view upstairs is pretty spectacular, midtown is quite the vantage point.

I love Midtown, I predict it will become the new place to see and be seen; coffee shops, trendy retail stores and overpriced restaurants are bound to spring up, especially with the Sonics coming to town!  There can never be too much to do or too many places to hangout near downtown.

I give McNellie’s a rousing 4 out of 5 boards!  I have eaten and had drinks and can certainly attest to its “merriness!”


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  1. Jess · July 13, 2008

    I will have to check that out.

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