There’s a Pretty Big Hill by Tahlequah High School…

In town for the 4th of July holiday, Jiz and I wanted to check out hills around the ‘Quah and see what we could find.  We headed over to the high school to see a hill that two months ago I pronounced “unrideable,” not because of it’s height, but because I had no fucking idea how I would ever stop! The solution of course is to carve to slow down and it really was quite easy. The video does the hill no justice, it is long and steep, following in the car Jiz clocked me at about 34 mph. 

Compared to the parking garage the Tahlequah hill is extremely competitive.  It’s nice to have a long straight ride and really be able to pick up speed.  With the exception of having to walk 5 minutes back uphill without the convenience of an elevator, hill skating is just as cool as parking garages.  Nice to be able to work on my tan too!  

I’m trying to work on translating my surfing skills to my longboarding and you see some of that in these videos.  Sliding the tail, long sloping turns.  However, I hope to put on a real display of surf skills in the future during my family trip to San Diego! Stoked!  That isn’t until September so in the meantime, longboarding and wakeboarding will have to do.  Speaking of wakeboarding, I hope to have video of my first day ever up on a wakeboard very soon.  The video exists, Jiz needs to cut it and send it to me.  It should be entertaining as it includes some wipeouts.  

By the way, while in Tahlequah I was lucky enough to help welcome little Destiny Marie Baron into the world.  Yes, Baron and Nicki are now parents!  

On that same tip, I would also like to welcome Preston Scott into the world.  I regret I have not had a chance to see him yet because Veronica was sick last week, but I will very soon. Congratulations to Joe and Gina!


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