Sun, Cilantro & Surf!

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah. Make you wanna move your feet, yeah.” – Bob Marley

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Oh the Mexican culture! How I love thee! Especially the food! If I had to pick a culture other than that of my beloved America to spend an extended time in, it would be that of my Latino brothers and sisters from the south! The French would come in second due to the drunken sound of people speaking.  Escargot…no!  That’s actually beside the point.

There’s this little place in North County San Diego, Cardiff by the Sea to be exact!  Magical to me,  it makes me question my quality of life here in windswept Oklahoma (not that I don’t love my country music and cowboys, I do). I still picture it clearly as if I were there yesterday. Imagine the bright colors, the smell of cilantro and cumin, the fresh margaritas, Baja-style fish tacos, *sigh*, the salty air blowing in from the ocean mixed with the sound of the waves and the clanking of glasses at the bar. You can’t take away a single element without taking away from the enchantment!

The place…Las Olas!  Nestled immediately east of the beautiful North Pacific ocean.  Makes me appreciate getting out and enjoying mind blowing Mexican food at my every whim. Never take good Mexican food for granted!

Sometimes when children are screaming and husbands are away at “work,” whatever, we take ourselves to a wonderful place from our memories…for me it’s not Calgon…it’s Las Olas!


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