It’s Hudson’s Party

Everyone loves a good party. Birthday parties are particularly fun, especially for the birthday boy or girl. This was not the case with Hudson’s first birthday party. He screamed and cried and would not let me out of his sight, ever.  I don’t know why…. Screaming children running around the pool, taking their wet butts in the house on our cream colored carpet, and scattering HIS toys all over the place. Well, maybe I would cry to.

Only one thing could dry up the tears…baseball cupcakes! These special babies were made by Mommy herself! From the “cake” part of cupcake to the icing to the delicate decorating job, everything was made from scratch, mixed by the hands of love. I’m quite proud of myself! Hudson’s tears turned into squeals of happiness. Soon, thanks to all of the sugar, he was running with the “big” kids. I think I even caught him voluntarily sharing a hot dog or two with Veronica.

While nothing is greater than making my baby boy smile on his birthday, my mother-in-law did something that was the icing on my cupcake.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of swimsuits, cupcakes, and hot dogs, she started saying, “Attention everyone! I need to say something!”

I thought, “This should be good.”

When she finally had everyone gathered around, she told the story of Matt’s first birthday party.

“When we had my son’s first birthday party, he screamed and cried the WHOLE time. He would NOT let me put him down for anything! I held him and held him. All of a sudden I felt something warm run down my leg. Matto had diarrhea and had expelled himself on me!”

Matt, who was standing behind her, rolled his eyes and said, “Thanks Mom.”

Everyone groaned and moaned. I, however, laughed and laughed. On the inside, that is. I wouldn’t humiliate my poor husband even more by laughing at the horrible story just told about him.

Soon enough, all of our guests were headed out the door! Thank God that was over. Surprisingly, everyone picked up after themselves and we were left with only a minor mess to clean up. Praise the man (or woman) who invented dishwashers! The kitchen was clean in record time (thank you Matt) and the kids and I were cuddled up on the couch, sleep quickly overcoming us.


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