P90X, Round Two

This was a post of Amanda’s, but worth sharing…

I’m sure anyone who has watched early morning television or flipped channels on a Sunday afternoon has seen the informercial for the workout system called P90X. When I was pregnant with Hudson, Matt got himself suckered in by Tony Horton’s abs and promises that in 90 days, he too can do his laundry on his stomach.

Two weeks and 200 dollars later, we were unwrapping the package that came through the mail, reading the materials and getting excited for Matt to begin his 90 day journey to explosive fitness!

That lasted about two weeks until my water broke while making dinner on a warm evening June 4, 2009. Matt kind of fell off the wagon after that. Understandably so.

By the time I was cleared to exercise again, I was braced at the starting line, ready to take on the 90 day challenge. It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t even meet the minimum fitness requirements. Not even close. I couldn’t even sit myself up to get out of bed.

My first attempt at P90X failed. New baby. No sleep. Just had my abdomen sliced open. I won’t be too hard on myself.

At the beginning of February, this year, I started it again. This time I finished it! Missing only a day here and there because of uncontrollable events, I did the complete P90X program! I am very proud of myself!

I didn’t get the washboard abs like Tony Horton or the psycho Drea (who gets on my nerves so bad) but I feel fantastic! I still didn’t meet the minimum fitness requirements when I started. Just having my second cesarean section barely six months before, I could barely do a handful of push ups or even make it five minutes through the ab workout. I can definitely do way more than that now! While, I can’t do everything in the videos (yet), I have still come a long ways! I can now make it through entire workouts, using modifications, of course.

I really feel like those 5:00 a.m. workouts are paying off!

I am beginning round two of P90X today. I feel round one got me in shape enough to prepare me for this next round. Now, I can really take it and run with it! I’ll do my best and we’ll see how it goes!


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