My New Home, Mobile Work Station (well maybe it’s not that mobile, but it could be)

I say not that mobile, because I’ve yet to use it anywhere other than lounging on my ass in my La-Z-Boy! But that was the idea, and I’ll break down how I got to this and each step/inspiration. I must declare, the final product exceeded my expectations and I’m really proud and it’s as productive or more so than a “Home Office.”

So I got the La-Z-Boy, and as any man who owns one will tell you, once you go La-Z-Boy***, well you may end up with bed-sores on your hindquarters.

***It’s a similar implication to that classic if not classy description of sex with an African-American woman “Once you go black…” (you get the rest, I regret I must refrain as this is a family blog).  We all know what they say about the berry right? 

La-Z-Boy firmly attached to my ass, sitting anywhere else was no longer really much of an option. Unfortunately, “full 180 degree reclining, with optional heated seat” had never been proven compatible with “productivity filled home office.”  But I’m nothing if not up for a challenge, and shoot, it had to be possible! I mean, once you own a LZB, is sitting elsewhere really an option? Could it even be a potential health risk?  Try to say those three words out loud (Lazyboy, sit, elsewhere”) and you’ll see…it’s practically a tongue twister. Okay, so it’s not “Peter Piper Picked…” but it’s not as if it just rolls off the tongue either.  It’s certainly no “Miercoles.”

What to do? Well, I came to the obvious conclusion that instead of leaving the La-Z-Boy feeling needy and unappreciated, I needed to bring the work space to me…er, I mean to the La-Z-Boy. So I set about researching portable desk ideas and shopping.

When I shop online, it can take me a long time to make my decision. I do a ton of research, but it usually does pay off. How much is “a ton?” Well, when I bought the USB hub (we’ll get to it’s application), I logged on Amazon to pick one out and hit “pay now,” on Friday evening, and by bedtime Sunday I had finally skinned the proverbial cat. So anyway, I searched reviews to decide what would work for this conundrum of La-Z-Boy meeting productive office space most effectively. Should I go with the “rests on arms of chair,” u-shaped-tummy rounded desk? Perhaps a pop leg desk that crosses my lap? Or the traditional bean-bag lap desk? Oh the decisions life presents…and their lasting impact on our future.  Here’s a couple examples, can you spot the one with long-lasting life implications?

  1. Get behind the wheel after breaking the all-time keg stand record
  2. Purchase portable work desk in the style of “bean-bag,” or “tummy-wrap arm rest”

Long story, slightly less long…I settled on a sliding under the chair, extended table top desk.  ***Coaster Desks Laptop Computer Stand with Adjustable Swivel Top and Casters

51hK+MKNcOL(Amazon ASIN: B003TPAV3E)

It is easily moved, and I can get up and down from my chair without adjustment it. Obviously it’s primary benefit is convenience, but additionally it can hold several items, and includes the “tilty, back-and-forth table top,” thingy so I don’t have to move my neck much when I lie in prone position to analyze a spreadsheet. However, and this is exciting because my first customization is happening, I wanted more “tilty,” so I added a laptop mount to set on the table top.


So things with the work station are going well, actually that’s selling it short…they’re really starting to go quite well. But no peace is truly made to last and over time I moved more and more tasks to my “desk,” and I began to experience USB availability issues. I had my wireless keyboard fob and wireless mouse fob requiring (impending high level math) __ of __ available ports on my Macbook.  If I wanted to connect my iPhone or iPad, potentially to sync, charge, download a “movie,” I had to make another decision, and that prospect I think I’ve already established…is not my forte.  And in this ever more reliant on computing world, what if both “i,” products needed to sync or charge simultaneously? Or even my Kindle suddenly demanded new content? All the while, I’m suffering the humiliation of not using my wireless keyboard of mouse! Not to mention the future is unpredictable.  Who know, some day my full size nude blow up doll (with life-like ‘humid’ ……) may be USB compatible.

So I started the fore mentioned 48-hour search for a USB hub. Initially thinking 4 ports would be plenty, but in reading reviews I repeatedly saw it suggested to err on the side of as many available ports as possible.  Silly me, of course more is always advantageous…except when in reference to:

  1. Herpes
  2. Nervous gents in the aisle seat with the surname “Al-Badhawi”
  3. Movies produced by….I feel tacky putting them on blast publicly so I’ll simply say the name starts with “Happy,” and ends with “Madison”

Also, in researching, I determined I needed to have USB ports that were “3.0,” as this allows for much faster data transfer, and even though my current laptop only has 2.0 ports…I think I’ve already established that I like to consider possibilities in the….well heck, I forgot? Finally, good to have at least 2 high-speed charging ports for the iPhone, Android, tablet, Kindle, etc. The model I settled on is a LOFTEK® Inet SV720 High-Speed USB 3.0 7 Port Hub + 2 USB Charging Ports with 5V 2.1A & 5V 1A, 12V 4A Power Adapter and Micro B to USB 3.0 Cable In  61kDXNb1kuL._SL1500_


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