Movavi Video Suite is the ONLY Choice for Video Conversion and Editing


As many of you know, I am a lover of movies and TV. Over the past 7 months or so, I’ve accumulated quite an impressive collection of various videos. Over 700 films, from classics to primarily movies from the past few years (I started by getting movies I’d never seen). As well as my favorite TV shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and my latest discovery….the American Experience on PBS. American Experience is easy to find online at various sources and so I will focus on its episodes with regard to my main purpose, which is to introduce you to the Movavi Video Suite family of products, and how they can help you to begin to, or enhance your existing efforts to build a collection of high quality videos.

I started with a couple of the American Experience shows, I believe my first downloads were “Surviving the Dust Bowl,” “Battle of the Bulge,” and “JFK: Like No Other.” I was so impressed with the content, format and production that I decided to seek out more episodes. For those that are uninformed of this show, it’s been produced on PBS since 1988, and as of this writing there are well over 300 episodes. They’ve included award nominees and winners including season 4’s “LBJ,” parts 1 & 2, which won the Writer’s Guild award for best documentary (have you ever said LBJ, as if it were a spanish word, like “El…”? If not, I highly recommend that you do so now, and enjoy the giggle.) And more recently, season 26’s “Last Days in Vietnam,” which was nominated for an Oscar. If you are a history buff, even on topics you are well versed, you can learn a lot from watching American Experience.

For me, a man who likes to own copies of his favorite film and TV, is that American Experience is widely availabile from various sites online. For starters PBS has over 30 available to watch, then you can find many more on YouTube and other websites that allow you to watch for free. Take it a step further and using an application such as iSkySoft video down-loader or many others similar, you can easily and quickly download anything you can view live on the internet. In fact Movavi may even allow you to use it to download from the web, but I learned iSkySoft a while ago, and have grown comfortable with it and never even looked into Movavi for this purpose. If you download one of these many types of online down-loaders, it’s simple to click a button and then you have an MP4 of your very own.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there are a few “buts,” first of which can be the quality. The versions downloaded directly from PBS are in HD, and even YouTube has many that come correct. However, there have been some like “The Man Behind Hitler,” “The Great San Francisco Earthquake,” (which is episode 101, the first ever in season 1 1988), and others that you just can’t get a good copy of. But not all is lost! This is where the great Movavi Video Suite, and in particular Movavi Video Converter comes in to save the day and offer a valuable solution.

Movavi in itself, allows you to take any video that you have in a file on your desktop or laptop, or any hard drive, and convert it for viewing either on your client or media player. Formats that it can handle include: AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG-1,2, MOV, MKV, WMV, VOB, 3GP, WebM, OGV, SWF, MP3, AAC, WAV, and more. However from YouTube or other sources you’re unlikely to find many formats outside of those Movavi can handle. Not only will it convert from and to these formats, but it will also allow you to improve the quality of the download. Some improvements are simple such as: decrease file size, convert AVI to MP4 (one example, you can do almost any type of container conversion with little to zero quality loss), trim, crop, flip, rotate, lower or increase the volume, enhance with all types of additions to the film, as well as add or remove subtitles and soundtracks. Speaking of subtitles, you can also find a version online of almost any language track you are interested in! You can find subtitles at sites such as:

Once you have the subtitle track in the language you desire, Movavi will practically do the rest itself. Just follow some simple instructions and you’re in business.

Another major benefit of this program is that it is able to convert your file into a compatible version for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Android devices, Sony PSP, Google Nexus, Xbox 360, and more! This is really handy and unique to Movavi, and you may not realize it if you’ve watched a movie you downloaded on your phone before. But if you get a movie through iTunes, and you’ve got it on your laptop, phone and iPad…it’s only intended for one of these devices. So maybe it’s watchable, maybe you haven’t even noticed. But if and when you take the film and convert it into a version that is styled and intended for your specific phone or tablet, trust me you will then notice the difference.

I want to take a break here to address the concerns of my mother, and your mother…and probably many other people that think this all sounds really complicated. IT’S NOT! Well at least it’s not if you are using Movavi, which is simple and intuitive. This isn’t to say instinct will guide you through every step and that you can blindly become a pro video converter. But I’d compare learning how to utilize the features of Movavi Video Suite products to the learning curve of that first iPhone you bought. Now yes, you’ve used phones before, so it wasn’t starting from scratch, but Movavi Video Suite products are just that simple to use. Most are clearly labeled, and help is available both on the application and online via power user led forums, and Movavi technical support. Support is available with Movavi technicians Monday through Friday, midnight to 6PM (Coordinated Universal Time), or 4Pm to 10AM (Pacific Standard Time). Technicians are available to chat, email and discuss any issue you are having on the telephone.

Now back to all the great things about Movavi Video Suite products and features it has! I was just explaining the ability to convert videos for playback on specific types of device. But if you’re taking the video on your mobile, you need to make sure that you have some basic security in place right? Well Movavi Video Suite products have got you covered there as well. Movavi Video Suite products allow you to add watermarks, add captions and even to add an intro page at the beginning or end with your details so if an honest person comes across it, they can get it back to you….most likely with a compliment on the beauty of your videos and a question on how they too can achieve such professional looking quality!

One problem that Movavi Video Suite products has helped me to overcome, is the ratio or “size,” of an image you see on screen. I’m a stickler about filling as much of my screen as possible. No letterbox, widescreen or other types of video are acceptable in the Van Every home. I want to stretch that video so it fills the screen. With Movavi Video Suite products you are able to easily resize the images with a simple click and drag technique. I mention specifically that other products do this as well, however it’s rare to find one such as Movavi, that will allow you to click and drag. This reaffirms my position that anybody can use this software, as it’s not necessary that you know the size you need, or how large your screen can handle. Simply drag it to the edges of the editing window, and click done.

Speaking of the editing window, sometimes when you download a video from YouTube or similar you will end up with dead space at the beginning or end, a video that is three times as long as necessary because the up-loader has “looped,” it for some unknown reason. They may even add some personalization or a promo of themselves as if they are Spielberg. Luckily the Movavi Video Suite products have this covered as well with the trim option. The user interface is simple as all you do is drag the movie, represented in a “status line,” to the point where you want it to begin and then cut out the beginning! You can also do the same at the end, and once you’ve got it all dialed in simply click “convert.” Voila, you’ve got a movie with a running time of 123 minutes, and a personal video version with a running time of 123 minutes! Taking it to the next level, you can splice clips together to make a movie or show split into two parts into one, or even take a movie with two discs and make one. Does anyone remember the made for TV epic “Lonesome Dove?” Well, I own a CD of this that I’ve had for years, and I tinkered with Movavi Video Suite and was able to take the four discs that make up the entire series, and I now have one file on my iTunes for Lonesome Dove, albeit one file that is six hours and 55 minutes long! But as I hope you’ve come to understand, Movavi Video Suites products are all about personalization, and for this guy that rocks!

Finally, and potentially most important, is increasing the quality of the film or show you’ve downloaded. Unfortunately via YouTube you’re not always going to get a high quality HD video. Not to say that you can’t find that video of your choice in HD or at least an acceptable quality, but for many you will not. However, with the help of Movavi Suite products, quality is job one! Simply download the video of your choosing (do use the highest quality you can find, as the better you start with the better you’ll end up with…and it will take you a lot less time), and then with a few simple settings changed Movavi Suite products will take that old clunker, and “Pimp that Video!” I was skeptical of this at first, in fact I would spend my valuable time scouring the depths of the internet to find a better version of a video I wanted to have. Sometimes I’d find it, others not so much. No more thanks to Movavi Video Suite products is this an issue. Now I just take the best I can easily find and then upgrade it to the quality that I desire. I prefer my movies in 1080 HD, and with Movavi Video products, this is easily accomplished. As I stated above in parentheses, do be aware of the quality you find, and if given a choice, or a couple quick searches you are able to find a better video to start with, I encourage you to download that version. The video you start with will impact the end result, and if you take a 280p video and try to make it into a 780p or above, you may end up with the results you seek, but you’re computer will be locked down editing for the next 24, 48 or even 72 hours! I am usually able to find a version that my conversion takes an hour tops.

In conclusion, with the Movavi Video Suite family of products, you can convert to and from just about any type of video file. Movavi Video Suite products allow you to convert video, audio, and DVD as well as play the videos on mobile devices. The conversion speed with the most common types of video files is much faster than with most other types of video conversion software programs. And of course, the entire process is so easy and has so much help available that even a monkey in a closed room, typing on a typewriter could use it. Literally the process is as easy as adding your video, selecting the file type you want to convert to and clicking on Convert.

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