Let Peyton Rewrite His Legacy Today

tom-brady-vs-peyton-manning_pg_600I’ve got total respect for Tom Brady. Both on the field, where I see him as all-time 1 or 1A with Montana. Definitely, the biggest factor is postseason and his “winstinct.” Also, he’s a good dude….and hard to not like off the field.

Peyton Manning…I never liked all his hype…never been a “hype guy.” Rarely do I hop on a bandwagon… So just kind of always rooted against him since Tennessee… I loved when Charles Woodson beat him for the Heisman, and then when Tennessee won the national title the year after Manning graduated….with Tee Martin at QB. But, the past decade or so….between the commercials and SNL appearances….it’s apparent he’s just a pretty wonderful human being. And upon reflection, I can count his missteps or misspeaks on one hand….total class act. Brady is more the hothead….but also a classy guy.


20160117_084036_brady-manningAs a Charger fan, I despise the Broncos as my most hated NFL team.  When Peyton chose them, he had started to grow on me and I really was pissed. A Super Bowl is not a fun thought with orange and blue involved.

But in all the leadup to Manning/Brady 58 or whatever, and with the poor season and benching Manning went through. Being doubted and it appears that he is on his last leg….with just the one title, coming in a year where there really weren’t great teams…Brady was hurt…and not a memorable Super Bowl….conrary to the legend that will always be Tom Brady.

So today, I’m torn…Manning really does seem like a special person…..and his family is a class act. Even if I didn’t always think so…and the Eli/Chargers debacle set me back on him more.brady-manning20handshake20usa20today-thumb-600x450-123323-thumb-609x457-123798

I hate the Broncos and never want them to win…but it would balance the scales a tiny bit and shut up some of the “best regulars seasons QB ever…” people if Manning could pull the upset today…and be an integral part of the win. So I kind of want that to happen. Even though most of these years I’ve quietly supported the Pats..because I appreciate greatness…a la, the 80’s 49ers.

Dang..what to think!? I don’t see the Broncos beating either the Cardinals or the Panthers….where I maybe do see the Patriots doing so. If Manning can win today, I think it may exhaust his reserves and leave him spent. So would it be a waste?

So yeah…I think I want to see Manning in a postgame press conference with champagne in his eyes and a smile….I can’t even picture or remember what tDenver Broncos Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadiumhat looks like…which is sad….he’s a great QB…all-time great….probably top 5. Just drawn the short straw to Brady so many times….played Sergio Garcia
or Mickelson to Brady’s Tiger Woods. At least, he did get the one SB win…even if all I can picture is him in a suit…the two red knots on his forehead explaining what happened and why his team lost the big game…again. ALWAYS…without fail…putting it on him, and not even hinting that anyone carries blame other than number 18. Class act….


On the other hand Brady, all lI can picture is the smile and confetti…..his arms over his head in celebration, awestruck by the accomplishment.   He always looks so grateful, and is a good winner…take nothing away from him as he’s an amazing competitor and maybe one of the 25 best people of the last century at their job….anywhere. The guy is clutch, despite the Super Bowl’s he’s lost. For crying out

For crying out loud, Brady really is “Captain Clutch,” always saving his best game for when it’s needed most. He’s the personification of clutch…despite the Super Bowl losses. For crying out loud it’s so hard just to play in one….just ask Peyton. And he’s won more than he’s lost….he’s lost more than most have played in too, just think of that!

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
Sorry Brady…your swell… a peach, but I’m gonna spread the wealth and satisfaction around and cheer for ecoes of “Omaha, Omaha….” coming live from my TV Super Bowl Sunday 2016. Brady’s piece of the pie is substantial….let Peyton’s plate is far too bare, let him take your place in line and grab seconds….he’s got to leave anyway so it’s now or never.


Only the biggest Patriot hating, conspiracy theorists even suggest Peyton Manning isn’t worthy of his accolades and put his teams losses all on him. “The best regular season QB,” etc…it’s a crock.  So much more goes into things…..it’s not all the QB.


Eli won the first one despite himself.  Same with Roethlisberger….  A couple different picks and maybe this is a three way discussion between Manning, Brady and Rivers of the Steelers.  I’ll go to my grave believing Philip is probably the most underappreciated and underrated player I’ve ever seen in professional sports.  Steeler franchise…Giants….or my Chargers?  C’mon…I love the team, but put Rivers at either…and he does at least what the other two from his class have done, if not quite a bit more.  Rivers is a top 10 QB all-time…yes, I said it….ask his peers.  Look at some of his receivers that caught TD passes?  Few have done so so much with so little….  Look at the list of names who caught a Rivers TD pass in 2010, the year Vincent Jackson held out until like week 9.  Jeez, that franchise was so manhandled by the talented, but egomaniacal AJ Smith…Philip is a great guy, he’s got the rep, but his peers, even those he jaws with…listen to them talk about him. You NEVER hear a bad word or opinion….and talent…shoot, ask Peyton…


But I digress…so back to Peyton and Tom…

tumblr_kxj83044sr1qzys08o1_500We have seen a lot of Manning-angst-postgame face….and it’s left its mark. Thus as far as greatness, Peyton’s is debated quite a little bit.  Silly…rubbish…it absolutely shouldn’t be. To honestly suggest he’s not a Hall of Famer, or one of the top 5 or 10 all time QB’s in the NFL…

Well if you are in that group, just stop….and bummer, because it’s a collection of societies more ignorant, black and white seeing, underexposed and educated, hyperbole spouting jackwagons. That blame every loss of his career on him, as harshly as only he himself does.  Give me a break… Fortunately, as we’ve see with Dan Marino…and this was counterintuitive for me, but Dan, now near a decade removed from pro ball, actually is viewed more favorably I estimate.  Peyton may finish top 3…shoot some may suggest even the top 2 (Montana is no lower than 2 for me).  It’s just haters…same people that think Timberlake “sucks.”


As far as a win today, and really a second title…Peyton deserves it…and I will sing a quick Redemption Song in the name of Peyton Manning today. I want to see that Brady look of satifaction on Manning’s face….to have it be the resonant image in my memory, instead of angst and guilt. To see a much deserved shit eating grin across that pizza millionaire man’s awkward looking-Manning-gene laced face.

Besides…Brady appears to miraculously have found the fountain of youth and is still improving! Meanwhile Manning, most of this season appared akin to a rusty old Dodge pickup with a flat tire.  Brady may win another three….but this is absolutely Peyton’s last hurrah I believe.  Don’t let a field goal sail wide to rob him…

Go get ’em #18! Silently, and with gusto tell your critics to suck it.  Smile and put a fist in the air….console Tom Brady for crying out loud!  Don’t let Eli be the only Manning to experience it.

It would be a fitting finale….



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