The Trump Circus, Too Outrageous for Barnum & Bailey

The Donald Trump traveling circus has grown beyond ridiculous.

I admit, at one point I voiced support for the man. I was wrong, and he has no business as the President. Even his most ardent supporters have got to be getting doubts right?

I feel for my GOP friends. And for all of us… I thought this election could bring about the return to the Ike/Reagan/T. Roosevelt types of the Republican party. Firm on defense, fiscally conservative and less government….with policing morality and the relevance of one’s personal religious opinions not relevant.

But it appears that the GOP may be on life support…at least, as we know it. Are we looking at a Bullmoose (Speaking of TR) type of possibility perhaps?

Who’d have ever thought that Democrats, at least relative to Republicans….would be the one’s appearing to have their shit together!?

I think Trump isn’t as bad as he’s behaving….but he’s becoming the worst caricature of himself, it’s sad, pathetic and kind of scary. Right now the words “Trump,” and “President,” have as much business being mentioned in the same breath as “Child,” and “Strap-on,” do.

I watched a lot of The Apprentice over the years and felt like I had gotten to know him a bit. My beautiful wife, Amanda, and I both were always impressed, as he seemed relatively humble, and a decent and fair person.

I believe the real Trump is closer to that guy from Apprentice. That for some reason this caricature personality he has adopted, much like a Gremlin exposed to light or water, has taken on a life of its own and spun out of control.

Because yes, from mocking the intellectually disadvantaged, to professing that he would pay medical bills for his supporters whom physically removed protesters from a rally., the man couldn’t be less presidential.

Can he ever turn the other cheek? Must he reply to every single jab at him? Does the elevator in Trump Tower stop just before it reaches anywhere near The High Road?

He is poisonous, and what should scare us all, is his support seems to be growing.

For every one person, such as myself, who initially thought he might be the right person to fix our economy and restore the United States image in world affairs, but based on his repeated and worsening behavior chooses to abandon him. It appears that two people, often less educated, always less cultured; many of these individuals have never before seen the inside of a ballot boot. But they hear his rallying cry of hate and decide to come down from the hills and join the ranks of his army.

So many people will be marginalized by him if elected. Starting with about 2/3 of the people that are supporting him.

At this point, little he may do or say would surprise me. If tomorrow he pledged to invade and homogenize Canada if elected, with the goal being to secure more oil and mineral assets I’d not bat an eyelash in surprise. (But another couple would march down from their treehouse and pledge their support.)

Just got to hope that representative government functions as intended, preventing the masses from themselves.

If a person is registering for the first time, directly to vote for him…please don’t. I’m sure they have redeeming qualities, but they don’t need to involve themselves in selecting our government representation.

I always used to think that no matter who you vote for, please just vote and participate in the electoral process. By my count, that’s now two mistakes I confess in this article.


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