Why Would Someone Like Nancy Grace Be Allowed in Law Enforcement?


Why is law enforcement, from DA’s to beat cops….graded out and judged with any “quota,” attached? Why are they incentivized to manifest guilt via a radar gun or reviewed for promotion based on conviction percentage?

When a defendant at trial, is found not guilty based on a clear presentation of all the relevant evidence….this is a win for all of us, no?  A good thing…..no?

I watch trials and see stories about trials, and so often prosecutors seem so terribly to want people to be guilty. Not that it happens much, but I know that when a person charged with a crime enters the court without an attorney, scared out of their wits. DA officials will offer them deals that are awful, and would NEVER attempt to pass if a person versed in the law were advocating for them. Why does this EVER occur?

When a charged person accepts a bad deal, “favorable,” to the prosecution (I put that in quotations, because why is putting anyone anytime behind bars ever pleasant to anyone, other than a revenge ((often justified)) seeking victim), do they retire to their offices and high five? I’d think the goal would be to rehabilitate offenders, and return them to society with as little negative impact on their record as possible? Take, for example, a marijuana offender….who after being charged with a permanently impactful classification of crime, eventually, will emerge into society from serving a draconian sentence, with the potential to make our society more dangerous. There’s a chance a patchouli smelling hippie, will emerge three years from now from prison…now a potentially aggressive felon, with an education in violence. Maybe, a minority of them could be viewed as dangerous based on their pot smoking, but in my experience and interaction, pot smokers are paranoid, uber careful and placid.

Why do prosecutors fight the inclusion of evidence of ANY kind? I know that’s a naive question….so don’t tell me they want to win…I get that. But when a piece of evidence exists that helps a defendant..why is it EVER not allowed? If it’s legitimate? Baffles me….

In my opinion, this is a stark example of society’s descent into…well, not a society at all…but a series of self-absorbed individuals, lacking any concern for their fellows. Many adults have little to no care or sympathy for anyone outside their family or circle. And of course, what’s so bizarre and hypocritical is that a large number of these folks self-identify as “religious.” I”m not picking on one religious opinion either as this class includes Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan, Hindu, Santeria, and people of almost every other faith that deify a central figure, or at the very least is supposed to live by a code of conduct of behavior. Almost always that practice revolves around humility, lack of self, concern for fellows, love and charity.

Back to the main point which is why do prosecutors want to put people behind bars? Criminals, clear-cut dangers to society, sure I want them to serve time as well. But that is not the only class of criminal whose successfully tried case leads to inter-office high fives. It’s a shame that there isn’t a premium put on compassion and accuracy at all costs. Accurately, proven and clear cut wins should be the goal, but often a hotly disputed, subjective and questionable outcome seems to be just as good to them. To me, this is the foundation of why we so often hear of our justice system being “broken,” and backward. And plainly, it contributes to the preponderance of poor and underprivileged who end up harshly sentenced for minor offenses, counter to the privileged and wealthy getting just the opposite.


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