Mr. Trump, You’re No President

I can’t understand how anybody is still in Donald Trump’s corner. I was an early supporter for about 3 weeks, until I publicly acknowledged my disappointment with his comments and activity and that I could no longer support him as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.
This, changing your mind/admitting a mistake, is okay….especially when a person has given you so many reasons to do so. I’ve always liked him personally…from what I had seen on Apprentice and from those that knew him, he seemed like a decent guy. I didn’t view him as a bigot or a racist or a misogynist or a fascist (all things that today, I’m afraid he is).
But he’s slowly pecked away at all of that. His comments are one thing, we all step on our tongues…but his inability to step back from them and admit a mistake and move on!? Also, his inability to let ANYTHING someone says about him go. I swear…I’m opening myself up to public condemnation from the man with this Facebook post! If someone showed Donald Trump, millionaire, and presidential candidate, this Facebook post from Matt Van Every “ie: Nobody in Oklahoma.” What do you think he’d do? Do you doubt for a second he’d take time out of his day to personally attack me? I don’t think there’s a person insignificant enough for Trump to let a negative comment he go if they said it. A kindergartener could errantly mutter on camera that they don’t like the man…and he’d be berating them with “they’re a known cutter in the water line,” and “keeps a dirty sleeping mat, and last week this kid wet his pants…why doesn’t he focus on his own bladder and worry less about trying to criticize me.”
Thick-skin, and prudent ability to turn the other cheek are a couple basic, inflexible qualities that 18 months ago every person in the country, Republican or Democrat, Conservative, Evangelical, Hippie, Homosexual or Homophobe would have agreed are necessary in our leaders, particularly our president. But today, because there’s no other Republican choice, half of those are supporting this boob.
The guy is steadily losing his mind, publicly, for all to see. On a daily basis, he appears to become more and more unhinged and out of touch with reality…
This is obvious to all of us…but a large portion, don’t seem to care. This man might become the US president….can you imagine him with a blank check and nobody to hold him accountable for what he writes on it? That’s the first (and undoubtedly only) Trump presidential term in a nutshell. I say “undoubtedly,” because he’ll finally alienate even his supporters if he’s elected, that….or, we’ll all be dead because of nuclear armageddon. Either way, this will not end well if he’s elected. Search your heart…WE ALL KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE.
Just because he’s the republican candidate and you’re a conservative, doesn’t mean you have to vote for him. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
I know plenty of good people, that aren’t willing to vote against him, or more apropos to vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t think Hillary is ideal…she’s not my first choice, or second…but at this point, she seems to be the alternative to a, at the best clown, at worst a maniacal fascist. This should be the election where Oklahoma finally votes for a Democrat for president…why? Because it’s the option that isn’t total insanity! I’m not saying you who support him are insane, but your support is absolutely insane…it’s self-loathing and dangerous to my children, not to mention yours.
Hillary, like her or not, is a former United States senator, first lady to one of the most successful presidents of all time, and the former United States Secretary of State..say what you will about individual episodes where many disagree with her handling of a situation, which happens every day to anyone in any job…but overall, by any reasonable measure…she was wildly successful…in all three positions. I don’t honestly know why I’m not a bigger fan…I guess she just sticks in my craw a bit. But on paper, she’s possibly the single most qualified person to be president, outside our formers and Joe Biden, living in the United States today. She may be…the most qualified candidate EVER! Laugh or disagree, but then stop and really think about it…it’s debatable, but barely. So she’s that qualified, and she may lose…to a fascist, egoist, reality TV star, that’s proven in his own line of work, to have failed far more than not, and birthed his way into his start. Oh yeah….and he’s undoubtedly by any reasonable measurement….batshit crazy. He wasn’t 18 months ago, but this election has melted his mind or something, and it’s created a monster. I’m serious….the man needs to spend time in a white room, not the White House!
It’s okay to admit a mistaken choice, in this case….it’s not even a mistaken choice. I’d say it’s more like an anullment….if you supported him, as I once did, you bought a bill of goods that isn’t what you eventually received. It was bait and switch at best, and outright hustling at worst. Call it what you will, the man I supported briefly a year ago, is not the man ripping deceased American servicemen today. Really….ripping servicemen? Because? Because his father spoke at the Democratic National Convention and made disparaging remarks against him, along with dozens of other speakers. What do these “dozens,” of speakers have in common with the father of our dead American soldier? They too have systematically been ripped by Trump, attacked in vengeance for speaking at a convention which has a stated intention, and has for a century, of zealously touting a party choice for president, and nearly as zealously degrading the opponent. This isn’t new, this is what happens every four years at both conventions. Historically, candidates remain above the fray and exercise their dignity and good sense by shrugging off the attacks of the other side. I don’t think a candidate has EVER even acknowledged anything said about them at the opposition’s convention… This year, that changed, as Mr. Trump attacked every single speaker who said anything against him. What did he expect? Does he not get how these campaign things work? You hype yourself, the other side does the same….contrarywise, both sides knock on the other. Occasionally you reply directly to a remark made by your opponent….although we the people tend to give you brownie points for taking the high road. The high road? HA! Donald Trump hasn’t gone there in nearly two years…if he ever did. His skin has the thickness of Kleenex. The cheap, industrial kind…
Please, conservatives and Republicans…just this once….vote in your best interest. Hold your nose and vote for Hillary Clinton…not the Libertarian, or the Green Party nobody…vote for Hillary. Any other vote cast is one for MADNESS! If someday we compare a Trump presidency to that of say an Amin, Hussein, Mao, Ceausescu, Pinochet, or yes I’ll say it..a Hitler presidency. Because a madman fooled his way into office, and then used his power to bring about worldwide chaos. And at that point, who will be able to say they’re surprised? If you vote for him, you probably deserve him.
The writing is on the wall, the choice is clear….vote for a degrading ticking time-bomb….flaking away and growing more unstable every day, before our eyes. Or for possibly the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of this great nation. Our forefathers would be warning us, of this, there is no doubt. Trump is only five letters away from tyranny….and this, is why we are the nation we are because we chose to fight tyranny. Today, we’re considering it for elected office, the highest in the land….”The leader of the Free World.” Where’s Lloyd Bentsen, crossbred with Rufus from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Time Traveler’s Wife’s, husband…or Connecticut Yankee, when we need him? “Sir, I served with every president ever, I knew every president ever, every president ever, well they were friends of mine….and Mr. Trump, you’re no president.”

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